Westridge Trail

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Trail Description
Distance 2 to 6 miles
Time 1 to 3 hours
Elevation Gain 600 feet
Features Skatepark made of dust and rubble.
Parking So formal you'll be looking for the valet.
Animals Spiders & giraffe/goat hybrids.
SPF 30... times infinity!
Celebrity Sightings Honey Boo Boo... OFF LEASH!
Chance of Injury Seven
Dog Shit Discretely Piled.
Weird Smells Yak & Weasel.
Anything Else? Browny greenness.

Driving Directions
Let's say you're cruising south along the coast on PC in your Maserati. You see Sunset BLvd. and you hang a left to see what the inland people are up to. A couple miles in you'll see Mandeville Canyon Road and you turn left. Now wait for the rest of us.
Now let's say you're stuck on the 405 in your Toyota Tercel with no air conditioning. It's temping to leave your can and walk but wait. You'll get to Sunset soon and head toward the ocean. Go there another time. For now turn right on Mandeville Canyon Road.
Now both of you quickly turn left on Westridge and that will wind up hill for a bit and will dead end into a wonderfully well groomed parking lot. Maybe a little dirty for a Maserati, but definitely a little too nice for a Tercel.
Hiking Directions
The main fireroad to the left of the parking lot as great... if you're driving a caravan of circus people u to Mulholland Drive. It's not just well maintained, it's OVERLY maintained. It's a smooth and easy and handicap accessible which really means - hot and boring.
However, a little trail to the right of the parking lot runs parallel to the Westridge trail and can make the whole thing a little more challenging and fun. Just try that for a bit. You'll like it.
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