Sullivan Canyon Trail

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Trail Description
Distance 2 to 8 miles
Time 1 to 4 hours
Elevation Gain 1000 feet
Features Rope swing, missile site, spider feeding pits.
Parking Must fight with construction dumpsters & spiders.
Animals Circus dogs, No Bears, Bear eating spiders.
SPF 30
Celebrity Sightings A tree that looks like Rosie O'Donnell - if she were a giant wooden spider.
Chance of Injury Death by spider 96%.
Dog Shit Hidden by spiders with OCD.
Weird Smells Spider shit.
Anything Else? Is actually a giant alien's computer keyboard - run by spiders.
Driving Directions
Get off of the 405 at Sunset Blvd. and head towards the ocean. Right about now you've had it with the traffic and you want to blow yourself up... Don't. Roll your window down and drive the curves of Sunset and that will make you feel cool. Remind yourself of all the people in the midwest who aren't you right now. Suckers.
Now quit day dreaming and turn right on Mandeville Canyon Road and QUICK - first left on Westridge. Now you're wind, you're winding, you're winding... Bayliss Road. Take a left and quickly left again on Queensferry. Park politely. It's a little narrow.
Hiking Directions
Like any goo LA hike, it starts fully paved with a mammoth metal zombie-controling fence. Soon you're at the bottom of the canyon and it's a real trail. You head up the canyon and ultimately you can take a trail to your left to the top of the ridge and meet up with the Sullivan Fire Road. From here you can go forever. But remember, you're on a ridge-top fire road with no shade and throngs of sweaty mountain bikers. For a canyon trail, it's not very shady, but it beats walking in circles in a WalMart parking lot.
The Story
The phrase :steals the scene" originated in 1914 when Remington (Remy) Sullivan and his gang would ride in to Hollywood - steal film footage from the studios - and then hide out in Sullivan Canyon until a ransom was paid. They did it for years but no one ever paid. Have you seen these movies? They didn't need to make sense. Who missed a couple of stolen scenes?