Solstice Canyon

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Trail Description
DISTANCE 2.8 miles
PARKING It's clean and free so good luck on the weekend. And bring your nice car. It's Malibu, don't embarrass yourself.
SPF 22
CHANCE OF INJURY 0% chance unless you like to juggle fire.
WEIRD SMELLS Yoga pants.
TIMEAny longer than 90 minutes and you should be arrested for loitering.
FEATURES Waterfall, Catholic Statues, Burned out Houses, Bathrooms, Drinking fountains,
ANIMALS Malibu Pigeons (quail) and Malibu Horses (deer) and Malibu Children (small dogs)
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS Fernando Valenzuela.
DOG SHIT None, (or cleverly disguised).
ANYTHING ELSE? Plenty of fireplaces for young Boyscouts to practice for their fire starting badges.
Driving Directions
Take the 101 towards Canada and when you've finally left the San Fernando Valley take the Malibu Canyon offramp like you're going to the beach - cause you are! But when you get to PCH don't just get out of your car, turn right. That's still towards Canada. You'll drive a couple miles until you turn right on Corral Canyon Blvd. It has a stop light and a Union 76 station. In a few hundred yards there is a stone entrance on your left reading Solstice Canyon. That's a pretty good clue that you're on the right track. Drive about 1/4 mile on that paved road (still towards Canada) until you hit the parking lot. If you're coming from downtown, take the 10 freeway to PCH and turn right, or north, or Towards Canada. Then, when you pass Malibu Canyon and Pepperdine University, keep your eye out for Corral Canyon, and all the other stuff I mentioned before still applies.
Hiking Directions
You walk uphill on the disintegrating asphalt driveway along the creek bed. Above the second burned out house, about 1.3 miles up, is the waterfall. Across the creek from that house is the cool religious statuary. Above the waterfall is a peaceful little pool that you are not supposed to hike up to. So don't take the illegal trail to the right of the waterfall. Don't do it. Don't. Don. Do. D.
The Story
Early real estate developers used fire management much like today's forest land managers do. They'd start small fires to burn out the smaller buildings so that the larger buildings could more easily expand. First it was just to remove teepees from an area of larger wooden shacks. Then, they'd burn the shacks so that the stucco split level homes could have room for RV pads. Then, the single family homes had to be burned off to make room for obnoxious McMansions, tennis courts, and pool houses. Finally, the big real estate developer in the sky (no, not Donald Trump) looked down and said "Hey, I thought I put a bunch of trees right there!? Who took my trees!?" So he mumbled something about, "Live by the sword, die by the sword..." and sent a butt load of lightning strikes into Solstice Canyon. So the attorneys for Malibu cut a deal with The Big Real Estate Developer and turned solstice Canyon into a public park in exchange for letting the rich people have all of the beaches.