Mulholland Dearing Trail

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Trail Description
DISTANCE 2 Mile loop. 5 Miles out & back to the Rainforest trail.
ELEVATION GAIN 500 feet(ish)
PARKING Fantastic. Paved, free, not crowded.
SPF 8. More than half the trail is in shade.
CHANCE OF INJURY Moderate chance of slipping down the creek bed and tearing some cartilage.
TIME 30 mins to 3 hours
FEATURES Creek crossing, rope swing, AMC Thing, Views
ANIMALS Dogs, beetles, bees, water bees.
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS From far away one girl looked like Mila Kunos, but wasn’t.
DOG SHIT More than average.
ANYTHING ELSE? Lots of poison oak along the creek.
You are driving along the 101, looking for Laurel Canyon Blvd. It’s east of the 405, before the 134 begins – or ends – however you want to look at it.  Take Laurel Canyon south.  Pass Ventura Blvd and all the desperate wanna-be starlets will begin to melt away.
Drive up to Mulholland Drive and, before you get swallowed up by the hipster, metrosexuals in Hollywood, turn right.  If you are a hipster metrosexual in Hollywood, then you’re come the other direction on Laurel Canyon so before you get sucked in by the uptight, Midwest transplants, turn left.
You’ll take Mulholland less than a mile and there’s a nice, free parking lot on your right. Pull in there. Park there. The trail starts there.
From the paved parking lot and the plaque and the hardscape overlook, this trail starts off very professionally.  It has the dog shit bag dispenser, signs, and a mile marker early on.  But after the first crossroad – it shakes the formality and embraces the trail.
At the first crossroad you can go right, which dead ends into a chain link fenced back yard.  For those who like to collect sock-burrs, there’s a steep, skinny trail from there that drops down to the Fryman Fire Road.  You have better options. Don’t bother with that.
Turn left at the first cross road and you’re on you way to the secret Zen garden and Navy Seal training ground of the Rainbow Trail.
You’ll be going out and back so say hello to our favorite trail for us.

Yogi Maharishi McShane, also known as The Drunken Monk, built an elaborate temple here to hide his still.  Worked great until everyone in LA started getting all “spiritual” and actually started going inside his “Temple.”