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Trail Description
DISTANCE Signs say 3/4 of a mile no matter where you are... but think 2 miles -
ELEVATION 300 feet
PARKING $5.You could park a mile away and walk, but...
SPF 15. Lots of shade, but albinos could still get burned.
CHANCE OF INJURY Falling - moderate. Bear Mauling - high. Eye seizures from looking at a shirtless tattooed man - very high
WEIRD SMELLS Herbal Monrovian Day Spa. Shirtless tattooed man.
TIME 2hrs
FEATURES Waterfall, Retention dams, shirtless tattooed man
ANIMALS Frog/Bird hybrid, Skinny Chameleon Bear, Shirtless tattooed man.
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS George Takai & Mr. Miyagi
DOG SHIT Dogs - plenty. Shit - zero.
ANYTHING ELSE? Closed on Tuesdays. I'm sure in reverence to the loss of Friends on NBC.
The 210 freeway is on every map I've ever seen.  Try and get to the chunk east of  (to the right) Pasadena, and west of (to the left) the 605 freeway.  Take the Myrtle Ave. exit north.  That'll drive you through downtown Monrovia where The Merchants of Quaint will bombard you with hand made pot holders and tiny Tea & Pilates shops.
Turn right on Foothill Blvd - it's big, you'll see it - and then in a couple blocks, left on North Canyon Blvd.   This shoots straight north through some Leave It To Beaver neighborhoods.
As you near the hills, North Canyon Blvd. begins to twist and turn.  Don't worry, stay on it and look for the Monrovia Canyon Park signs.  The signs are everywhere and will lead you to the guard shack where you'll pony up 5 bucks to park.  Too rich for your blood? back up about a mile and you can park on the street and start walking - sucker.
From the first parking lot you'll start walking past the little toll booth shack and on the left will be the trail head.  There's a sign with animals yelling at you not to litter on the trail (and those things crap all over the place) and another sign whit the picture of an old hermit the trail was named after, and who probably crapped all over the place.  It's a nice 1/2 mike of single track trail until you reach the creek.
This is where the second parking lot attaches to the trail.  The sign near the cars here claims it is a "Self Guided Nature Walk."  But isn't every trail? I think the sign maker was somebodies son-in-law.  From here, the trail follows the stream and it is literally a walk in the park.  You jump the stream 3 or 4 times, but it's really just one big stride.  I think I saw a one-legged fat man with a walker  halfway up this trail.
It's an easy trail.  The third parking lot has a more hidden entrance to the trail behind the nature center cabin.  The falls at the end are... fine.  There's just not much of a pool to splash around in.  Now turn around and go home.
Mother Nature’s greatest rival Tiger Mom of Nature is in charge of keeping his canyon tidy.  That crazy, anal bitch is doing a hell of a job.  I feel bad for Monrovia Canyon when all her friends get to go to the beach and she has to practice piano all day.