Fryman Canyon

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Trail Description
DISTANCE 2-ish Miles
PARKING $3 in the lot, unless you want to get rid of that GPS and your passenger window by parking on Laurel Canyon
SPF 10. Shade, then sun, then shade, then rich people with dogs.
CHANCE OF INJURY Sunglasses may cause top-of-ear and bridge-of-nose chafing
WEIRD SMELLS Butterscotch & coyote urine
TIME 45 - 90 minutes
FEATURES Famous people's wives and mistresses
ANIMALS mutant ground squirrels, small dogs, tiny dogs, miniature dogs, & ant dogs
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS That guy from that show that got cancelled on that network that failed... and his new girlfriend
DOG SHIT Plentiful
ANYTHING ELSE? Lots of bitterness and resentment from failed Hollywood wanabees
You are driving along the 101, looking for Laurel Canyon Blvd. It’s east of the 405, before the 134 begins – or ends – however you want to look at it. Take Laurel Canyon south. Pass Ventura Blvd and all the desperate wanna-be starlets will begin to melt away.
The third stop light will be Fryman Road. Turn right –Then, quickly, turn right again into that parking area. Yes they want $3 and yes it's on the honor system, but it's still LA. They'll check and you'll get a ticket if you don't pay. (you can borrow other people's parking tags if you catch them as they leave. You're screwing the system, but if you're poor - go ahead.)
You can also park on Laurel Canyon before you get to the Fryman Road turn. Lots of people do it. I do it. But if you have a nice car and like to leave your laptop in the front seat.... don't do it. It has a smash-and-grab reputation.
The beginning is paved asphalt. Yeah, there's a lot of dog crap. Yeah, there's a lot of cell phone conversations. Yeah, it's steep and botoxed. But... when you get to the dirt road, you can pretend that none of that is there. Oh, it's still there, but you can pretend.
This is very good "Ass Workout" terrain. You are powering uphill at a comfortable and challenging clip.If you're adventurous, or drunk, try some of the smaller side trails. Almost every one goes on a little detour, and then drops you back on the trail. You will not fall into a crevasse and have to cut your own arm off.
After you crest the top of the trail, you'll stroll down to the Tree People area. You can split off and hang out with those Urban Hippies, but it's really just an environmental educational center that's good for school kids and outdoor theater functions designed to hookup Sierra Club singles.
It's all downhill from there. It's a little longer in the Walking-the-neighborhood-streets scenario than I'd prefer. But the houses are nice, and the street is nice, and the people are easy on the eyes. (Thank you Dr. Plastic Face-N-Ass)
For the amount of people on this trail, it's perfectly fine. It's an accessible, semi-remote, urban escape. If you're looking for solitude, Do. Not. Go. Here.