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Trail Description
DISTANCE 5.75 Miles round trip.
ELEVATION GAIN 1200 ft but that is only uphill.
PARKING Free street parking (but the weekends push you pretty far down the street.
SPF 30 plus. More shade than you'd expect for a scrubby LA mountain.
CHANCE OF INJURY Lions will eat Christians, and echos can ricochet at lethal speeds.
WEIRD SMELLS Shallow graves and dead 19th century Railway workers.
TIME 3-4 hours.
FEATURES Wireless echo machine, Sasquatch oven, rust.
ANIMALS Trained birds, invisible lions.
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS Jayne Seymore as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman with special guest star - Michael Landon.
DOG SHIT Mostly right near your car.
ANYTHING ELSE? Portal to another time and space and a lingering feeling of things left undone.
Imagine you're going to the Rose Bowl. Now quit day dreaming and find the 210 freeway. Or, as it's known in the San Fernando Valley - the 134. So Valley people take the 134 east until it becomes the 210 and find Lake Ave. Take it north towards the hills and away from the happy snobs of South Pasadena.
Now pay careful attention. It gets very tricky. Keep you eyes open and look for the end of the road. When Lave Avenue ends... stop, park your car, you're there. I was shittin you, it's super easy.
The sign says Cobb Estate, but we're just using those fancy "Estate" people for their crappy asphalt road. At the top of Lake Ave, you will walk about a quarter mile up the paved road until you see a sign that says "TRAIL." I cannot stress strongly enough - FOLLOW THAT SIGN!
As long as you're not a complete doofus, you can follow the most beaten of the spidery trails up the mountain. Switchback - switchback - switchback and Boom... you're at the top. There are a number of trail options at the top which continue to Mt. Wilson, Mt. Lowe, and The Observatory - but take the short ridge-top trail marked Echo Mountain. There are signs. Oh, there are lost of signs.