Eaton Canyon Trail

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Trail Description
DISTANCE 4 Miles round trip.
ELEVATION GAIN 200 ft but feels like it's downhill both ways.
PARKING Lots of free nature center parking.
SPF 22. 57% sunny.
CHANCE OF INJURY Don't you worry, rescue crews on site.
WEIRD SMELLS Bird watchers, wet feet, rocks.
TIME 2 to 3 hours.
FEATURES Waterfall, rescue basket (must have ticket), coyote storage area.
ANIMALS Snakes, coyotes, woodpeckers disguised as babies.
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS Dennis Leary impersonators.
DOG SHIT More than I had hoped for, less than I had feared.
ANYTHING ELSE? Truants, Helicopters, night terrors
Some people think that the 210 is the same as the 134 - those people are stupid (or me 4 years ago). Get to the 210 and you need to be a couple miles east of Pasadena. Look for the North Altadena Drive exit and take that north. Which way is north? Just go towards the mountains, Magellan.  In a couple miles you'll see the large wooden Eaton Canyon sign on your right so turn right there. If you miss the sign, just go straight home - you will get lost on this trail and die.  Normal people, you'll see lots of parking. The very end of the parking lot is the trail head. WARNING!!! I had my car broken into here once so if you see anyone kinda shifty looking grab him by the neck and tell him he owes me 80 bucks.
Super easy trail.  Waterfall trails are kinda like Watergate, but instead of following the money, you follow the water.  There are some trails that head away from the river bed, so do what you want, but just walk upstream along the main trail for now, okay.  If the stream is dry don't cry, there will be water at the falls. After about 1.5 miles you'll reach a serious concrete bridge. You can cross that bridge but that goes away from the falls.
Take the smaller trail along the stream and under the bridge.
Now just cross the stream over and over and over and over.... and bingo, there's your waterfall. Are you there on a summertime weekend? Well say hello to half of El Monte for me.

Eaton Canyon was discovered by dinosaurs in the millionth century B.C.  Back then it was THE place to be.  It was flat so it was great for dancing, and the trees were 500 feet tall so it kept those gossipy Pterodactyl from spying on everyone. Then Thor became bored with the earth dinosaurs because they never developed any kind of fashion or art or bicycles... nothing'. So he started hacking up the earth with his giant hatchet and that's how all canyons (yes, even Eaton Canyon) were made.