Sturtevant Falls / Hermit Falls Trail

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Trail Description
DISTANCE 4 to 6 miles
ELEVATION 600 brutal, end-of-trail feet
PARKING Plenty, but Adventure pass required. can be purchased on weekend.
SPF 15. It's shady, don't be a weirdo with gloves and towel on your head.
CHANCE OF INJURY Generally low, but jump off a cliff... it quickly goes to high.
WEIRD SMELLS Coors Light and Lycra
TIME 2 - 4 hrs
FEATURES Waterfall, Hobbit village, Snack bar, fly fishing
ANIMALS Both kinds of fish - talking, and non-talking
CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS Jack Tripper, Janet, Krissy, and Mr. Roper
DOG SHIT Just enough to remind you that you're still in LA.
ANYTHING ELSE? Lots of hairless monkeys (AKA -  "People")
Use your computer to find the 210 freeway.  It’s pretty big, it should be easy.  About 4 exits west of the 605 freeway is Santa Anita Ave. I’m not sure if it’s in Arcadia or Sierra Madre, or Monrovia (does it really matter) but take Santa Anita north… Done. End of directions. You will now dead end into Chantry Flats in the Angeles National Forest.  Okay, it is a few miles. Don’t get discouraged as you drive up the windy mountain road. Just before you puke, you’ll be there. Now hang up your Adventure parking pass. If you don’t have one, they sell them at the little store there on the weekends.

So you're in a giant parking lot at Chantry Flats.  If it's the weekend, go to the pack store, grab a beer and sneak it into your backpack. Don't forget your Adventure Pass for your car or the fine is something like $300 and a face full of donkey turds. Now head down the paved trail to the river.  It's a nice 1/2  mile downhill to start your hike... just remember, you will have to come back.  Uphill is a tough way to end a hike. At the bottom you will meet a bridge, don't worry, the troll only eats billy goats. There are dozens of private little houses down here but there are also a good number of restrooms. Don't accidentally pee in someone's living room. From here you can take the trail upstream about 1.5 miles to Sturtevant Falls.  Or, downstream about 1.5 miles is Hermit Falls. Or both. There are a number of detours and side trails so explore at your whim. The Sturtevant Falls trail is wider and more heavily traveled and does end with an impressive waterfall.  The Hermit Falls trail is a single track that has some steep drops and it dead ends into the falls. The prize at the end of this trail is a number of swimming holes... and the semi-naked people that go along with that.
As god cooled the earth 5 thousand years ago he used his spray bottle to create this little cut in the mountain.  And Jesus left his marbles here and we now call them boulders.