Caballero Canyon Trail

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Trail Description
Distance 4.5 miles
Time 2 hours
Elevation Gain 1100 feet
Features One bench. That's it.
Parking Plenty on street. Millionaire adjacent.
Animals Dogs & wealthy teens.
SPF under 30 - slightly
Celebrity Sightings Three of Tiger Woods' old girlfriends.
Chance of Injury Slight chance of Ass-meets-hill.
Dog Shit Suspiciously missing.
Weird Smells Vodka Tonic and UPS truck exhaust.
Anything Else? Dangerous cactus and tethering pods for hovercrafts in the future.

Driving Directions:
Take the 101 until you are west of the 405 and you reach Reseda Blvd. I know - The San Fernando Valley - where gluten is harder to find than medical marijuana. Take Reseda south into the hills and no, you are not required to buy a chai tea.
Just a couple miles past Ventura Blvd you will reach the Braemar Country Club. Stop when the first golf ball bounces off of your hood. Should be at Golf Course Drive. Make a U-turn and park all along Reseda Blvd. That's right, park all over the place.
Hiking Directions:
So cars are going to be clustered on Reseda across from the Braemar Country club entrance. Take that trail downhill and at the first split stay right. A decent workout gets you to the Mulholland fireroad at the top. You could go right - that'll hit the top of Reseda Blvd and you can walk back down to your car. Or, turn left and you'll have to keep an eye out for a small trail headed back downhill. There are at least two trails... unless you want to make a new one. I don't think anyone would mind.
So to summarize - go uphill. At the top, find a way downhill.
The Story
The Great Caballero Glacier occurred during the Los Angeles Ice Age of 1962. The glacier carved out this canyon in a short 67 days. This pissed off all of the Union Glaciers because it made them look old and slow. So they knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew the sun - and now The Caballero Glacier sleeps with the fishes. Which is kinda like glacier heaven anyway.